Meditating Moms


A team of not-for-profit yoga teachers who are dedicated to improving and sustaining the physical, mental and spiritual health of our students.

In a time where yoga as a business is getting a lot of attention, the fact that it is being priced out of many people’s reach is in direct conflict with what we consider to be a core teaching of yoga itself. The question our studio seeks to answer is: Can a donation-based yoga studio succeed in business?

Jitendra Yoga’s spiritual teachers offer donation-based wellness classes every day of the week. Our classes are focused on body awareness, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

With more than 40 classes to choose from every month, Jitendra Yoga is a hub for spiritual seekers to explore the mystical wisdom of Tantra.

Although classes vary in duration, style and difficulty, there are classes that are suitable for all levels of practitioner. If you want some advice on which classes are best for you, please email us a question or call us to arrange a phone consultation. We want to help you understand the different approaches to yoga before coming to visit us at the studio, so you can choose which classes will be best for you.

Let’s cultivate a space together for great joy along this journey through life.

Welcome to Winnipeg’s first fully donation-based yoga studio.

Welcome to Jitendra Yoga.